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The Wilmot Board of Trustees meets once a month on the third Thursday at 10 a.m. The public is invited. 

Below are the draft minutes of the May 21, 2020 meeting: 

Wilmot Public Library May 21, 2020 Board of Trustee meeting-DRAFT
May 21, 2020 Zoom Meeting (ID: 734 1744 9786) was scheduled due to the failed attempt at last week’s meeting (May 14, 2020) because of technical difficulties with Zoom that didn’t allow the public access.
Present: Barbara Wiggin, Judy Hauck, Heidi Nelson, Glynis Hart, Mary Fanelli, Carol MacDonald, Margaret Doody, Jaimie Jusczyk, Jackie Thompson, Nola Aldrich, and Tom Schamberg 
Judy H. hosted, and Barbara W. called to order at 10:07 AM, beginning with RSA 91-A:2 III Meetings Open to the Public. (During this Global Pandemic, we are holding the meeting electronically allowing public access). Barbara W. welcomed our 2 new alternates, Margaret Doody and Jaimie Jusczyk. On May 20, 2020 the Select Board approved our alternates. It takes a couple of days for their oaths to be prepared by the Town so when ready, Margaret D. and Jaimie J. will go to the Town Offices and be sworn in.
Barbara W. moved to approve April 9, 2020 minutes, and Heidi N. seconded it. Unanimous approval. 
Treasurer’s Report: Judy H. emailed the Treasurer’s Reports on May 6, 2020 in preparation for the monthly meeting. Judy H. reported the balance in all accounts as of April 30, 2020 was $31,742.61. There was discussion on the budget for the collections. Glynis didn’t have the latest financials so Judy H. said she would re-send. Glynis H. will continue to watch the budget. Barbara W. moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Heidi N. seconded. Unanimous approval. Mary F. was thanked for her assistance with the financial reports.
Director’s Report: Glynis H. emailed her Director’s Report on May 13, 2020 so some items were not updated due to the actual meeting a week later. There have now been up to 5,000 books barcoded with the new Biblionix system. She has been paying attention to the impressive history section, thinking of possibly moving it to a different area within the library. She wants to remove the delicate ones to a separate glass case or something similar with protection. Soon the Patron Library cards will need physical changing or simply adding a barcode to their present card with a standard way of doing it. Going forward, new Library cards will automatically include a barcode. She has a system to help patrons remember, or figure out their card number when needed. She is still working on this. Mary F. has updated the patron list. Mary F. and Glynis H. are discussing the method they will use to inform patrons of the need to update their Library cards, such as to send out a mailing or something else. Barbara W. has requested the written approval from the Select Board’s May 5, 2020 meeting for the proposed renovation work on the Library Foyer that is being submitted for the Brown Grant this May. Glynis H. said she will get it to her. A drive-up drop box has been suggested for the Brown Grant as well. Barbara W. moved to vote that we agree that we would like a drop box. Judy H. seconded it. Unanimous approval. Glynis H. will have estimates and information for June’s BOT meeting on drop boxes. Discussion on other items from the proposed foyer renovation (to be paid for through the Brown Grant). Glynis H. will submit the Brown Grant letter tomorrow, May 22, 2020. Barbara W. moved to vote no to installing a heater in the foyer, and Heidi N. seconded it. Unanimous vote. Barbara W. moved to vote no to building any kind of bench in the proposed area of the present closet space to the right of the front door. Heidi N. seconded it. Unanimous vote. Barbara W. moved to approve the renovation but we need a new contract, and a new proposal, without the heater or bench. Judy H. seconded it. Unanimous vote. Glynis is concerned with the timing to submit. Mary F. assured Glynis H. that the Brown Foundation, Inc. wants to 
help our little library and approximate needs and costs are acceptable. After work has been completed, the follow up letter thanking them is where the more specifics are important. Glynis H. agreed to ask Ed Weaver for a new contract; she will send it to the Board of Trustees via email. The new contract will include a shelf above the proposed coat rack, where baskets (with sturdy handles) can store books. Glynis H. reported that she would have shelves installed in the kitchen closets of the Creativity Lab. It will be under $500. A contract was requested by the Board. Glynis H. doesn’t have a contract so the Board is requesting to have the bill in writing, and reminded Glynis H. that all work needs to have a contract (see April 9, 2020 minutes). Sally Asher recommended that the windows be professionally cleaned and that is not something she does. Since the Library is a Town owned building, the town should be responsible for having the outside windows cleaned. Glynis H. will contact the Town about the outside windows being cleaned (hopefully after the pine pollen is gone). Margaret D. mentioned that the town is watching their expenses very carefully. Glynis H. is offering curb-side pick up and she is receiving 1-2 calls per day for this service. She has a safe system of wiping down the requested book before inserting it in a plastic bag for the patron to then pick up. Book returns wait 3 days before they are touched. Then they are wiped down and put in the collection. Glynis H. is asking patrons to return books at this point. The Free Books outside with a collection tin are going well. Glynis H. reported that in April, patrons downloaded 181 books from NHDB (New Hampshire Downloadable Books). Keeping the WIFI on is important for all libraries, Glynis H. has been receiving calls asking if the WIFI is available. Discussion about the TDS phone service that we pay for. Glynis H. is frustrated using TDS for long distance as she is told the number she uses is unrecognizable so she prefers to use her own phone. A code is now needed for this new long-distance plan. Barbara W. explained that one needs to dial the phone number quickly otherwise it is unrecognizable. Local phone numbers are for the towns that border Wilmot, other towns are long distance and there is local long distance, outside of our borders. Glynis H. agreed to try again but doesn’t know that she can be any faster dialing. Judy H. will continue to work with the bank to apply and receive a new credit card since the old one had Jackie T.’s information so an updated one is required. Confusion over the Capital One SPARK card being for a small business. Glynis H. has cancelled June’s events by Humanities To Go due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 and our Phased Re-Opening. Glynis H. is working with Meghan Foley (Town Administrator) to follow guidelines for Phased Re-Opening practices. As long as the Town Offices remain closed, the Library will do the same. There is no planned Phased Opening date at this time for the Library. Barbara W. moved to approve the Wilmot Public Library Pandemic Policy and the addendum, Wilmot Public Library Pandemic Service Plan. Judy H. seconded it. Unanimous Approval. Glynis H. reported that she had worked with a student who was going to help with the children’s story hour but this student simply left, so she is asking for help, or ideas to fill the void. Judy H. suggested iMovie to record readings for children. Barbara W. wondered if there would be some willing residents to read stories to the children. Mary F. said that her daughter was using Zoom to do story hour and suggested that Glynis H. talk to her. Jaimie J. mentioned that children are no longer interested in on-line story hours, especially pre-school ages. She suggested to aim the summer reading program toward the older children. Glynis H. reported that a LUV (Librarians of the Upper Valley) meeting she attended had some fun suggestions: a type of Bingo, a Treasure Hunt around Wilmot, a Genealogy themed event since children are home with their families. Glynis H. wondered about craft kits and how to get them to the children. Heidi N. suggested a link on the website to guide at home crafts. Judy H. said the Wilmot Historical Society was working on a type of historical treasure hunt, of sorts and thought maybe it could be combined to include children. Glynis H. agreed to update the website about the Story Hour and Book Groups. Sally A. has returned to cleaning the Library; she and Glynis H. don’t overlap being there. She is busy doing lots of different cleaning projects such as washing down all the kids’ toys and stuffed animals.
We will likely remove the stuffed animals for good. She is washing the inside windows and wiping down the window sills. 
FOWPL (Friends of the Wilmot Public Library) Report: Carol MacDonald (FOWPL’s President and Rep to BOT meetings) reported that she watched an interesting webinar by the NHLTA for Friends Groups. She reported that virtual learning is huge. There was a good discussion about library summer reading programs, and fundraising ideas, one being on-line eBay selling of books. Carol M. has realized there could be some improvement with our communication between the Library and FOWPL, specifically with different mailing lists so she will work on this. Carol M. knows how essential the Library will be when we recover from this global pandemic. FOWPL postponed their annual meeting for now. There was discussion on the Wilmot concerts; people are working on this but for now there is nothing definitive. All the usual events are on hold for now so the fundraising for this year is questionable. Carol M. is working with someone in Lebanon, NH, at Big Green T’s for a potential Library fundraiser with very specific ordering requirements. She will send Barbara W. the information when she receives it. FOWPL keeps thinking for us!
Heidi N. will post this month’s draft minutes at the Post Office and remove April’s minutes to mark approved and take to the Library for filing. Glynis H. will post this month’s draft minutes on the website. Discussion about whether or not previous minutes marked approved need to remain on the website once the most present minutes (draft) are there. Glynis H. agreed to post the next meeting (June 11, 2020 at 10:00 AM) with the Zoom information on the website, with at least 24 hours’ notice. The second posting of the BOT meeting will be posted at the Post Office by Barbara W. or Heidi N. within 24 hours of the meeting. 
Barbara W. moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:46 AM. Judy H. seconded it. Unanimous.
Next Meeting: Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 10:00 AM. Judy H. has agreed to host again. She will contact Meghan Foley at the Town Office to inquire about using the Town’s Zoom account for June’s meeting which will include a possible tutorial from Meghan.
Respectfully submitted, Heidi Nelson, Secretary

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